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Supply Box Pack Operations Manual

Supply Box Pack Operations Manual
                                 Supply Box Pack
                 Designed & Created by Moo Spyker

SCS ENABLED Spyker Combat System

Designed, Built, Textured and Scripted by: Moo Spyker
Lead Beta-tester: Samantha Glume
Documentation by: Samantha Glume

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     With the release of the Spyker Combat System enabled tank, trucks & trailers it seemed prudent to release the ultimate supply pack!
    This pack includes an incredible array of custom made 100% mesh interactive boxes. There are three different sizes in several flavours (medical, equipment, rearmament, repair & recharge). Each of these box sizes also includes a version without contents to allow you to use it for whatever you desire.

    The recharging station will recharge vehicles within 15 m, avatar held power cells & the power cell storage boxes. It will no doubt also recharge other future accessories. By default the recharger will collect one energy bar ever 45 seconds of active use. Of course these settings are changeable via the config notecard!

    The ammunition boxes are broken down into three categories. Bullets (ex machine gun rounds), explosives (ex tank shells) & defensive (ex flares & smoke) rounds. These boxes are available in both small & large sizes. They will open/close on click. The contents will automatically diminish as the supplies are used up.

    The repair boxes are similar to the previous generation but can now intelligently repair any object requesting repair within 15 m on click. These boxes also open/close on click, their contents diminish as used and are available in small & large sizes.

    The equipment box is special as it does not actually have an inventory that is consumed but rather is a set of tools that allows you to modify some equipment while in the heat of battle.  Currently this box is only supported with the Raptor GAC (it allows you to change what weapons are available in the top turret.  You have a choice of four: missiles, heavy machine gun, grenade launcher, light cannon).  It will work on the vehicle parked the closest within 15 m.

    The health box contains med kits for use on the battlefield for the upcoming avatar health metre system.  Currently this box is for RP use only.

    New to this version, the supply boxes can now refill each other.  This allows you to have boxes permanently attached to vehicles and/or settled in bases and have mobile vehicles carrying boxes that can then be used to refill your permanent ones.  Simply click on the box you want to take contents from it will automatically fill any boxes requiring that item within 15 m.

    Each box size includes an empty unlabelled version that you can use for whatever purpose you desire. As always, the object is modify allowing you to change the textures and/or sizing to suit your own needs. Perfect for RP!

    Warning: While these boxes are armoured they do have their limit. If the contents are impacted or come in contact with something explosive they WILL explode. Extreme caution should be used with the large Power Cell box! Seriously...


Ⅰ.   Feature List
Ⅱ.   Technical Details
Ⅲ.   How To Use


I. Feature List:
        ✚ 20+ individual 100% mesh objects
        ✚ Reload, repair, recharge & equip SCS vehicles & accessories
        ✚ Very customizable notecard driven config
        ✚ Cargo follow scripted
        ✚ All new SCS scripting technology, extremely high texture quality, multi-sound phasing, and so much more…
        ✚ All the boxes are interactive on touch. Great for RP!
        ✚ Includes generic empty boxes, make your own!
        ✚ The boxes are all MOD! Make your own modifications & versions

II. Technical Details
☍ See our website for technical details on the SCS system:     http://spykerenterprise.webs.com/scstechnical.htm
III. How To Use

There are six types of boxes available (not including the empty versions):

• Repair box – (available in small & large sizes)
    Parked vehicles/equipment/other boxes within 15 m of a repair box can be repaired in turn by clicking on an available repair box. The box does not have to be open for the repair cycle to occur. Depending on the severity of the repairs needed, repair times very. If the object being repaired moves out of repair range the repairs will stop and the box will move on to the next available object requiring repair. Repair boxes can repair a set number of health & armour points before they run out. The available totals are floating above the box.

• Ammunition/defensive consumables box – (available in small & large sizes)
    Ammunition is now broken down into three main categories. Bullets, shells and explosives. Bullets are things like machine-gun rounds, 9 mm rounds, shotgun shells etc. Shells are things like incendiary shells, heavy artillery shells & armour piercing shells. Explosives are things like missiles, bombs & other explosive ordinance.  There is also a defensive replenishment box that holds flares & smoke rounds. Each of these box types are used as the repair boxes above.

• Fuel-cell storage box – (available in small & large sizes)
    Fuel-cell storage boxes hold 6 or 12 cells, depending on size. You use the avatar handheld carried cells to transfer power to and from these crates. Simply wear a power cell on your avatar, click on one of the available power cells in the box and the power transfer will occur. This allows you to transfer power to/from the box. Warning: these crates are extremely explosive. If one of these crates was to detonate, each of the power cells would fire off like mortars that explode and do splash damage to anything around them. Chain reactions are not uncommon.

• Power Generation Box –(one size only)
    Power generation boxes are different from the above in that they must be opened to be used. To open or close the power generation box you need to click and hold for one second. This will then activate the opening or closing sequence. From these boxes you can recharge individual power cells carried by an avatar, or by a vehicle within 10 m of the box you click on. The power generation box stores power it pulls from the atmosphere into two large battery cells. There is a power level indicator in the centre of the unit. When this indicator is empty, no further recharging of vehicles power cells can occur until power is allowed to build up again. When the box is at full charge the charging panels will automatically lower for protection. The default power charge setting is one power unit per 45 seconds. This can be customized to your needs however.

• Equipment box – (available in large size only)
   Equipment boxes are special in that they do not carry an inventory.  They carry a specialized set of tools to allow you to change various aspects of equipment & vehicles.  Currently this is only supported with the Raptor GAC to swap out the top turret guns.  To use it park the vehicle you wish to modify within 15 m of the box (it must be the closest vehicle to the box) and click the box.  It will then bring up a dialog requester asking you to select your desired options.  Be sure to click done before the box counter has completed or it will abort your changes.

• Health box – (available in small size only)
   Health boxes contain medical packs for use in healing personnel.  They are consumed like any other ammunition style box.

• Empty Boxes –
    This pack also includes an empty box of each type that will open & close on click. These are the small, large & unfolding sizes. They are MOD so you can change the textures or scale as required.

    All boxes have armour plating and a health value. When the boxes are open it is possible to shoot the contents directly. Shooting the contents directly bypasses any armour. All explosive related box contents do splash damage and/or flaming damage from above. Extreme care should be taken with their use.

    New to this version, the supply boxes can now refill each other.  This allows you to have boxes permanently attached to vehicles and/or settled in bases and have mobile vehicles carrying boxes that can then be used to refill your permanent ones.  Simply click on the box you want to take contents from it will automatically fill any boxes requiring that item within 15 m.


    ╍ You can change any of the values (health, armour & amount of repairs available etc.) for your own custom boxes by changing the values contained in the configuration notecard in the root prim of the box. This notecard is documented. In future, a more detailed SDK will be released allowing even more customization.


 ☠ Please report any and all bugs right away to Moo Spyker!!! ☠
    ➜ Seriously people, I almost never get bug reports until I receive a IM "Hey why hasn't that bug been fixed?" because no one tells me about them!

Change Log:
╍ This lists all of the changes for each version released. This should allow you to make any necessary changes to your existing customized set up.

Version 1.0:
• Initial Release

Version 1.1:
• SCS 3.1 update (see notecard)
• Added updated "Cargo FollowScript:v1.5"
• Fixed delay on refuelling multiple fuelcells when panels are down.
• Panels going through the box in some cases

Version 1.2:
• Brand new supply box "Equipment Box" used to change/swap out guns on certain vehicles (Raptor)
• Brand new supply box "Health Box" used to heal AV's (Won't have any real use until the SCS AV meter comes out)
• Due to a update script error some of you may be getting this pack for free! (Only if you owned the Gator, or Semi Trailers prior to version 1.2)
• Added SCS 3.2
    - New death scene (All break-able pieces will blow off on death now, and randomly while on fire)
    - New code and flares to support MISSILES! (Raptor)
• All supply boxes (bullets, explosives, defensive) can now re-fill each other. Useful for transferring supplies around.
• Lowered bullet counts in the boxes (1000 to 750, and 2000 to 1500)
• Supply boxes will no longer "double fill" if you use 2 in the same area.
• Boxes now say out how many bullet/explosives/etc it actually reloaded. Instead of only in the boxes floating text.
• Increased range on ammo and repair boxes from 10 to 15.
• Increased default repair starting values by 1.5x
• Some weapons will now use more or less ammo then actually displayed (1 missile will use 4 ammo counts since its larger etc.)

Version 1.3:
• Added NEW Health and Armor supply boxes
• Added SCS 3.3
    • Adjusted SCS bullet code to work with THE AV METER WOO!!

Version 1.4:
• New Cargo Follow script update to work with Moo's new Untitled New Ship

Version 1.5:
• Fixed solar collector bug where it stopped giving out power when it topped off
• Made Equipment Box only work for the users that are sitting on the objects to be equipped, or if no one is sitting on, then it also works