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SCS AV Weapon Manual

                                   SCS Weapons
                      Designed & Created by Moo Spyker

Designed, Built, Textured and Scripted by: Moo Spyker

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With any weapon worn or not you can use E to punch/melee.

These weapons only work with the SCS AV Meter (FREE visit my shop to get it!)

Make sure to take advantage of the vehicle gestures. While wearing the gestures use these controls:
- F2, F3, F4 switch weapons
- F5 reload
- F6 switch modes

With the SPK-Knife you can do a major attack if you hold E down, then release.

The LR-Lancer rocket launcher has a burst mode, to use it press the "EXTRA 2" button on the SCS AV Meter HUD.