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SCS AV Meter Manual

*** PLEASE NOTE *** This system is still in beta and I'm sure there will be problems please report them to Moo Spyker for them to be fixed in future updates! Thanks

SCS AV Meter Manual
                                    SCS AV Meter
                      Designed & Created by Moo Spyker

Designed, Built, Textured and Scripted by: Moo Spyker
Lead Beta-tester: Samantha Glume

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Ⅰ.    Feature List
Ⅱ.   Technical Details
Ⅲ.   Getting Started (MAKE SURE TO READ!)
Ⅳ.  Configuration Notecard Options
Ⅴ.   Medal List
Ⅵ.   Future Updates

I. Feature List
        ✚ 88 unique sounds!
        ✚ Insane kill tracking!
            ✚ Shows WHO killed WHO in local chat, or text display on the HUD
            ✚ Shows HOW someone was killed (Beat down, Fell to their death, Stabbed, etc. so many more!)
            ✚ Even tracks kills through vehicles exploding
            ✚ Life-time kills are viewable on our website (Not fully operational yet)
        ✚ Gruesome death scenes. When you die from explosives THE MEAT PARTS FLY EVERYWHERE!
        ✚ Earn medals that pop up on screen
            ✚ 34 Medals to earn!
            ✚ Medals for Double kills, Triple kills all the way up to 10 in a row!
            ✚ You can view your medals on your HUD once you get them
        ✚ Notecard driven color and team changing
            ✚ Store up to 27 color/team configurations in the HUD at once
            ✚ Beautiful 5 color hovering text display over your AV which is VERY customizable!
        ✚ Automatic re-spawning at a spawn point you set with the click of a button!
            ✚ When you die you cant move while you re-spawn just like an FPS game!
        ✚ Supports 'Moo's Universal Gestures' (from vehicles) for quick weapon switching
        ✚ Main notecard can edit so much, like re-spawn times
        ✚ So much more!


II. Technical Details
☍ See our website for technical details on the SCS system:     http://spykerenterprise.webs.com/scstechnical.htm

III. Getting Started
    The HUD can be attached to ANY HUD point and it will auto rotate and move to be on screen, it is mirrored so if you wear it on the top, it will flip around and hang from the top! You may have to manually fine-tune it, it will only auto-move when the attachment point is different.

    - METER ON / OFF
        When you wear both of the meter objects (Meter and HUD) and every time you log in with the meter on you will have to accept the teleport permissions box (Check up in the corner, or press SCS ON to make it show back up). The meter wont even turn on until it is accepted. Whenever SCS is turned on, you are brought back to your spawn point. Typically you should click the "Set Spawn" HUD button before you accept the teleport permissions because you will be teleport-ed to your spawn point right away! To change your spawn point if the meter is on, you'll have to turn it off (SCS OFF HUD button) and then hit "Set Spawn".
    - FLYING
        This meter frowns upon flying. If you fly while SCS is ON you will commit suicide and be returned to your spawn point! So be careful.
        If you click the "Options" tab on the HUD it will reveal a ton of options.
        LOAD COLOR NOTECARD - Brings up a dialog and display all of the notecards in the HUD's inventory. These are pre-set notecards that hold text color and team information. When you load one it will change the entire look of your display text and the colors on the HUD. It is VERY useful for team leaders to create a team notecard, and pass out to all the players. Please note that "teams" do not effect or block damage, it is only visual colors and text!
        SOUNDS - This will only effect the media sounds on the HUD like buttons presses, and medal sounds. Your AV will always make sounds such as being punched or hit.
        GENDER - This will change some of the sounds and voices (Medal Multi-kill's, death sounds) Also changes which medal is displayed for 100 kills (King or Queen crown)
    - DISPLAY BUTTONS (In the top corners of the HUD next to the up and down arrows)
        The LEFT SIDE is for GLOBAL and the RIGHT SIDE is for PERSONAL kill tracking. These are used to toggle the kill tracking information. The Box icon means it will be sent to your local chat, the Dialog looking icon means it will be displayed above in floating text, the arrows can be used to show or hide lines, and the final mode is a X which ignores the kill tracking. The display text is always stored even when off though.
        NOTE - Currently there are no primary weapons, so the primary "1" button does not do anything until the next update, sorry!
        When you are wearing SCS weapons make sure to Right-Click > Attach-To > Right Hand or Pelvis. This way they stack up so you can wear multiple attachments on a single point. Once your all suited up the "1", "2", "3" HUD buttons will be light up. Click one of them to equip the weapon, you can also use the gestures from 'Moo's Universal Gestures' (from vehicles) F2 is primary, F3 is secondary and F4 is third. The EXTRA "1", "2", "3" HUD buttons have different functions for all weapons, but typically "1" is reloading for guns. These also work on the gesture system, F5, F6, F7.
        MELEE attack is E for punching, swords, and even while holding guns you can still melee!
        ALL weapons come with FULL PERM scripts please look in them they are loaded with options and comments to help you script your own items.
        ALL weapons also include transferable sounds and animations please feel free to sell your own SCS enabled weapons!
        To heal you'll have to track down a health pack! They are now in the Supply Pack and in several vehicles. Same with the armor pack's. The armor pack adds 10 AP to your meter. To get more bullets for your guns, it works the same as vehicles, find a bullet supply box and click it to resupply!
    - STATS
        Not fully operational, but currently it IS viewable here: http://display.sge-sl.com/SCS/

        The RESET STATS button on the HUD is used to wipe your current stats from your meter, not the website. Use this to start a new game with your friends.
        If you want to delete your stats there is a BLUE BOX located in the main store click on it and it will reset your webstats
        If you do not wish to store your stats on the website please discontinue use of this meter immediately! Currently there is no way to toggle it on or off.

    This is only a BETA manual so I will not be covering everything, just the basics


Ⅳ. Configuration Notecard Options:
   The configuration notecard allows you to change many aspects of your vehicle.  See the SCS notecard for the entries common for all vehicles.  Listed here are the entries specific to this vehicle type.  Please note, changing some of these entries could be considered cheating in competitions so be sure to decide on a general set of rules for your engagement.


Ⅴ.   Medal List

    This is the full medal list of what you can all get!
    ✪ - 10 Kills in a row without any deaths
    ✧ - 10 Kills
    ✮ - 25 Kills
    ❂ - 50 Kills
    ♛ / ♚ - 100 Kills
    ☩ - 10 Deaths in a row without any kills
    ✝ - 10 Deaths
    ✞ - 25 Deaths
    ✟ - 50 Deaths
    ✠ - 100 Deaths
    ₂ ₁₀ - Small numbers by AV kills indicate highest multi-kill
    ╪ - 4 Blade kills
    ╫ - 10 Blade kills
    ╬ - 25 Blade kills
    ☟ - 4 Beat downs
    ☝ - 10 Beat downs
    ☛ - 25 Beat downs
    ☼ - 10 Explosive kills
      ҉ - 25 Explosive kills
    ☄ - 10 Vehicle kills
    -₁ -₁₀ - Small numbers by deaths indicate suicides
    ❧ - 10 Bug kills
    ❦ - 25 Bug kills
    ❄ - 10 Holiday kills
    ☃ - 25 Holiday kills


Ⅵ.   Future Updates
    This is some of the stuff to expect in future updates!

    - Dead AV's drop tiny ammo piles you run over to pick up
    - Parachutes
    - WATER
        - bullets do less damage
        - air supply
        - meter controlled swimming
    - FIRE
        - catch on fire from burning vehicles
        - play freaking out animation
        - lose control and randomly move the av around
    zombies are alien race
    - poison/infection damage from zombies
    - tiny alien bugs run at your AV, if they make contact, they infect and take you over, you basically die, but are then replaced by a zombie, so you can come back and kill it
    - infected zombies and spawner prims, rez out these tiny alien bugs every so often
    - if a zombie gets so many kills, they then morph into a larger super zombie (also can just rez them on a spawner prim)
    - giant bugs flip vehicles over then smash
    - long range bugs throw tiny bugs at you in the air


 ☠ Please report any and all bugs right away to Moo Spyker!!! ☠
    ➜ Seriously people, I almost never get bug reports until I receive a IM "Hey why hasn't that bug been fixed?" because no one tells me about them!


Change Log:
╍ This lists all of the changes for each version released. This should allow you to make any necessary changes to your existing customized set up.

Version 3.3:
• Initial Release

Version 3.35: (This update only applies to items that have weapons)
• Fixed being able to melee while dead
• Fixed vehicle medal text display
• Added full support for slot 1 (primary)
• Major changes to how the meter handles animations (Meter controls only up and down torso rotation now, weapons have their own arm and other animations)
• You no longer have to wait before you jump in the vehicle on rez (fixed kill tracking errors)
• Bullets have mod permissions again
• Fixed major bullet damage code (Should be faster now)