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RP Supply Box Manual

Supply Box Pack Operations Manual
                                 Supply Box Pack
                 Designed & Created by Moo Spyker

SCS ENABLED Spyker Combat System

Designed, Built, Textured and Scripted by: Moo Spyker
Lead Beta-tester: Samantha Glume
Documentation by: Samantha Glume

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Ⅰ.   Feature List
Ⅱ.   Technical Details
Ⅲ.   How To Use


I. Feature List:
        ✚ 3 different types of liquid tanks, Hydro(Water), Coolant, Oil
            ✚ Hose system to transfer supplies in between the supply tanks (More uses to come in the future)
            ✚ The hose can even rip off if you move the tanks too far away!
            ✚ 8 unique sounds
        ✚ All new food supply box
        ✚ Very customizable notecard driven config
        ✚ Cargo follow scripted
        ✚ All new SCS scripting technology, extremely high texture quality, multi-sound phasing, and so much more…
        ✚ All the boxes are interactive on touch. Great for RP!

II. Technical Details
☍ See our website for technical details on the SCS system:     http://spykerenterprise.webs.com/scstechnical.htm
III. How To Use

• Liquid Tanks – (small & large sizes)
    To use these they have 3 points of clicking action:
       1 - Click the tank itself to play a thud sound, it varies on how full the tank really is!
       2 - Click the intake ports to manually toggle the liquid flow. Use this to turn off the flow if you rip a hose while transferring!
       3 - Click the framework to transfer to another near by liquid tank.
                - You have to have the ports on both boxes facing each other.
                - If you go out of range while transferring liquid the hose will rip off! You have to shut the valves off manually to stop the flow.
• Food Boxes – (small & large sizes)
    Click them to EAT FOOD =D! Note* I never plan to add a hunger system to the SCS meter, this is only for RP and fun.

    All boxes have armour plating and a health value. When the boxes are open it is possible to shoot the contents directly. Shooting the contents directly bypasses any armour. All explosive related box contents do splash damage and/or flaming damage from above. Extreme care should be taken with their use.

    New to this version, the supply boxes can now refill each other.  This allows you to have boxes permanently attached to vehicles and/or settled in bases and have mobile vehicles carrying boxes that can then be used to refill your permanent ones.  Simply click on the box you want to take contents from it will automatically fill any boxes requiring that item within 8 m.


    ╍ You can change any of the values (health, armour & amount of repairs available etc.) for your own custom boxes by changing the values contained in the configuration notecard in the root prim of the box. This notecard is documented. In future, a more detailed SDK will be released allowing even more customization.


 ☠ Please report any and all bugs right away to Moo Spyker!!! ☠
    ➜ Seriously people, I almost never get bug reports until I receive a IM "Hey why hasn't that bug been fixed?" because no one tells me about them!

Change Log:
╍ This lists all of the changes for each version released. This should allow you to make any necessary changes to your existing customized set up.

Version 1.0:
• Initial Release