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Raptor Ground Assault Carrier (GAC) Operations Manual

Raptor Ground Assault Carrier (GAC) Operations Manual
                    Raptor Ground Assault Carrier (GAC)
                   Designed & Created by Moo Spyker

SCS ENABLED Spyker Combat System

Designed, Built, Textured and Scripted by: Moo Spyker
Lead Beta-tester: Samantha Glume
Additional Scripting by:
    Arton Rotaru - Track/wheel animation code
    Belshazaroth Fargis - Insane rotation math & other code functions
Documentation by: Samantha Glume

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   Thank you for your purchase of the Raptor GAC.  This vehicle has been specifically designed to give your military operations a significant advantage on the battlefield or while protecting vital convoys consisting of your irreplaceable equipment or personnel.  This vehicle is armed to the teeth, brandishing 2 side mounted light cannons & a in theatre configurable weapons turret for 360° protection.  The GAC has seating capacity for up to 6 infantry personnel and requires a crew complement of 4 to be fully operational. See the feature list below for the complete feature breakdown.
The Raptor GAC is also amphibious, meaning that you can glide through the SL waterways with ease.


Ⅰ.    Feature List
Ⅱ.   Technical Details
Ⅲ.   Getting Started
Ⅳ.   Controls (Driving & Weapons)
Ⅴ.   Dialog Menu
Ⅵ.   Fuel Cell System
Ⅷ.  SCS Related Controls
IX.  Configuration Notecard Options
 X.  SDK Notes

I. Feature List
        ✚ Next-gen SL mesh vehicle
        ✚ All new SCS scripting technology, extremely high texture quality, multi-sound phasing, advanced engines, and so much more…
        ✚ NO AVATAR ATTACHMENTS or HUDS of any kind!!!
        ✚ Completely operational vehicle dashboard (multiple accurate displays)
        ✚ Advanced Damage/Collision Detection System
            ╍ Sub health system, pieces break off where you actually shoot
            ╍ Each piece that can break off has its own internal health score
            ╍ vehicles take damage for crashing into each other or other objects
            ╍ Includes fire suppression system to save a burning vehicle from certain destruction
        ✚ All new cinematic destruction sequence
            ╍ Area affect splash damage
            ╍ Any remaining break off pieces blow off during the death sequence
        ✚ Seats 10 (1 pilot, 2 side gunners, 1 turret gunner & 6 hot seats)
        ✚ Equipped with all new weaponry (missiles, heavy MG, grenade launcher & light cannon)
            ╍ Top mounted twin turret weaponry can be changed with an equipment crate.
            ╍ Left/right turret weapon slots can be configured as the same or different
            ╍ Missiles, grenade launcher, light cannon or heavy machine gun weapon options for turret
            ╍ Left/right turret weapons can be fired individually or linked
            ╍ Side mounted light cannons (left & right)
        ✚ Main rear Hatch extends a ramp to facilitate easy entrance/exiting of vehicle
        ✚ 2/6 wheel steering (in low gear vehicle turns with all six wheels, high gear vehicle turns with traditional front wheels only)
        ✚ Amphibious, can cross large bodies of water & unload personnel on beaches
        ✚ Includes integrated supplies located in rear side compartments
            ╍ Re-arm other nearby vehicles, personnel or itself with small arms ammunition
            ╍ Dispense medical supplies to medics/personnel (coming in a future update)
        ✚ Advanced/Basic driving control systems
        ✚ High/Low gearbox & Overdrive
        ✚ Fuel cell system (set fuel usage rate, steal fuel, recharge etc.)
        ✚ Realistic AMP meter shows actual battery usage
        ✚ Gesture fired Flares/Smoke
            ╍ New SCS missiles will home in on flares!
        ✚ New missile target lock alarms.  Acquiring, acquired & missile fired warnings
        ✚ Advanced horn (sounds for as long as you hold down the page up key)
        ✚ Lights! Head & taillights, interior light & left and right floodlights (most lights utilize the new spotlight feature in SL for amazing realism)
        ✚ The object is MOD! Make your modifications
        ✚ 4 FULL PERM texture sets (download and create your own textures in your favourite paint program)
            example: ��

II. Technical Details
☍ See our website for technical details on the SCS system:     http://spykerenterprise.webs.com/scstechnical.htm

III. Getting Started
    Drag a copy of your new Raptor GAC vehicle from your inventory to a ground or water parcel that allows object rezzing and jump in (right-click the vehicle and select sit) to begin driving immediately! Your camera view is automatically switched to mouselook .  You can now adjust your avatar’s seat height position using E/PageUp or C/PageDown. This will allow you to see out of the windows and view the dashboard easily. Tap W/UpArrow to start the engine (or use the appropriate gesture key or menu command) to allow driving. The vehicle defaults to the advanced driving controls, which are highly recommended because it allows for variable speed driving and hands-free operation (See controls section below). Take a bit of time getting used to the controls, and if you do not like the advanced method you can use the dialog menu to switch to the basic controls. If you wish to see the vehicle in a third person view simply exit mouselook (pressing M or the ESC key usually does it). Click the main body of the vehicle to open up the dialog main menu and from there you can control many of the features (See Dialogue Menu section below).

Information on the top turret weapons configuration options:
    The Raptor GAC is equipped with a top dual weapon turret.  The weapons in this turret have the ability to be swapped out or removed completely.  There are four different weapon types currently available.

    •Missile Launcher – powerful rocket propelled explosive devices, they must be locked on to a target before they can be fired. See section IV under “SCS Missile System” for a detailed explanation on their use & features.
    •Heavy Machine Gun – heavy calibre kinetic weapon with a high rate of fire.  Good for soft targets.
    •Grenade Launcher – ballistic small yield explosives that do small area damage.  Good for soft targets and groups of targets.
    •Light Cannon – large gauge kinetic weapon with a relatively slow rate of fire.  Damages armour and obliterates soft targets.

Changing the top turret weapons:
    There are two ways of changing the weapons in the Raptor’s top turret;

Using the Equipment box from the Supply Pack (see Supply Pack user guide for more details).

    Changing the configuration notecard in the Raptor’s inventory to change the default weapons for when the vehicle is rezzed.  If you do not own the Supply Pack the only way you can change the weapons in the top turret is by way of the notecard line entries.  The recommended solution in this case is to create separate vehicle objects that are configured to your liking and rez the appropriate one you wish.  Right-click on the Raptor and select “open” from the menu.  Find the vehicle notecard and open it.  At the bottom of the notecard you will find the following two lines;

L_Turret_Gun;(0 = Heavy Machine Gun, 1 = Grenade Launcher, 2 = LT Cannon, 3 = Missile Launcher);0
R_Turret_Gun;(0 = Heavy Machine Gun, 1 = Grenade Launcher, 2 = LT Cannon, 3 = Missile Launcher);3

    Displayed directly above are the default weapon configuration lines.  The first line is the left weapon slot & the second line is the right weapon slot.  At the very end of the line after the semicolon you will see a number.  Simply change the current value to the new number (or -1 to have no weapon in that slot).  The number that represents each weapon is listed in the notecard line description.  It should be pointed out that you can have the same weapon type in both slots.  Simply use the same number on each line.  Example, you can have two missile launchers or two machine guns in your top turret.

    Once you have edited and saved the configuration notecard you can either take the vehicle into inventory and rez it again to equip the chosen weapons or you can click on the vehicle for the vehicle menu, click on “SCS” to enter the SCS control menu & finally turn off SCS by clicking “SCS Off” and then “SCS Reset”.

    To get the most enjoyment out of the top turret is strongly recommended purchasing the Supply Pack to allow your mechanics to do battlefield ordinance changes depending on the situation.

A word on steering radius:
    Your Raptor GAC is equipped with two types of steering.  When in Low Gear your vehicle will utilize all six wheels for incredibly tight turning radius.  This allows easy maneuvering around.  When in High Gear, the vehicle switches to front wheel steering only and behaves in a more traditional large vehicle manner.

    Note: when you are ready to get serious make sure you wear the included gestures, as they make controlling your new vehicle & all of the features much more enjoyable!

IV. Controls:
    Select which driving mode you desire via the dialog menu (See the section on dialogue menu options below)
   Pilot Controls:
     With Engine Off:
        Tap E/PageUp: adjusts the pilot seat up
        Tap D/PageDown: adjusts the pilot seat down
        Tap W/UpArrow: start the vehicle engine (can also use gesture)

     With Engine On:
        Advanced Controls:
            Tap W/UpArrow: Change speed within your current gear to the next higher gear
            Tap S/DownArrow: Change speed within your current gear to the next lower gear
            Hold W/UpArrow: Apply full speed (if moving forward)/ Apply brake (if moving backward)
            Hold S/DownArrow: Apply full speed (if moving backward)/ Apply brake (if moving forward)
            Tap or Hold A/Left or D/Right Arrow: Steering (vehicle will not turn if it is not in motion)
        Basic Controls:
            Hold W/UpArrow: Drive Forward
            Hold S/DownArrow: Drive Backwards
            Tap or Hold A/Left & D/Right Arrow: Steering (vehicle will not turn if it is not in motion)
    Applicable to Both Driving Control Modes:
        Tap D/PageDown: Cycle High/Low gear
        Hold D/PageDown: Toggle Overdrive
        Tap/Hold E/PageUp: Activate horn
        F2: Fire Flares (must be wearing gestures)
        F3: fire smoke canisters (must be wearing gestures)
        F4: activate fire suppression system (must be wearing gestures)
        (otherwise you can type /1000 flare or smoke while inside the vehicle)

Notes on Amphibious Mode:
   It should be noted that when you are in amphibious mode the vehicle will act more like a boat then a truck.  The vehicle’s primary purpose is for land and therefore its handling in the water is pretty rudimentary.  Braking while in the water has no effect, however, double tapping the forward/back key in the opposite direction you are going will force the engines into that direction.  You do not have to wait a painfully long time for the vehicle to drift to a complete stop.

Gestures (see 'SCS Universal Gesture System' notecard for the full list)
Raptor GAC Specific Gestures:
    Function1 (Shift+F5) - Customize menu
    Function2 (Shift+F6) - Hatch Control menu

Gunner Specific Controls:
    Applicable to all gunner positions:
        Tap E/PageUp: adjust your avatar higher in the seat
        Tap D/PageDown: adjust your avatar lower in the seat
        Left Mouse Button: fires weapon (or both weapons simultaneously with top turret)
    Specific to Top Turret Gunner Only:
        A/LeftArrow: fire left turret weapon
        D/RightArrow: fire right turret weapon
        Hold W/UpArrow: start missile lock (missiles only)
        Tap S/DownArrow: reload a partially emptied missile rack (missiles only)

SCS Missile System – Detailed Operation and Features:
   The all new SCS Missile System is incredibly advanced and feature-rich.  As such, this particular weapon ordinance requires an in-depth explanation for proper function & enjoyment.  You should already be familiar with basic turret functions so those will not be covered here.  Ensure that your turret is equipped with at least one missile rack.  To simplify these instructions we will assume both left & right weapons slots are equipped with missiles.

Acquiring Missile Lock – How To:
   Before you can fire a missile you must first lock on to a target.  A target can be a specific spot on the terrain, a stationary prim object, an avatar or a physical vehicle.
    – Enter mouselook mode and paint your desired target with the default mouselook crosshair (this will be the location on the avatar/object/terrain that will be sent to the missile’s targeting sensor).
    – Press and hold the W/UpArrow key while keeping your crosshair over your target (it will take a practiced hand to successfully lock onto a moving target).  After approximately 3 seconds the target lock indicator will display “Locked”.  You are now ready to fire.
    – While continuing to hold the W/UpArrow key tap either the A/LeftArrow or D/RightArrow to launch a missile (you can also press the Left Mouse Button to fire both weapon sides simultaneously).
    – The lock will be maintained while the W/UpArrow key held down and the target is kept in the mouselook crosshairs.  If you drift too far away from the target the lock will be lost.
    – You will have approximately 5 seconds of target lock once your mouselook crosshair leaves the target area.  This can be especially useful for firing a missile at an angle not directly aimed at the target location.  This could be used, for example, to throw a missile around a obstacle.
    – If the target lock is lost you can attempt to re-acquire as per the above instructions.
    – On the Raptor each of the missile racks can fire 2 missiles in short order before the autoloader must reload.  You can press the S/DownArrow to force a partially emptied missile rack to reload (if there is any unallocated ammunition remaining).

Missile Flight – An Explanation:
    – Once a missile has been fired it will attempt to track the target via the shortest route possible (direct line of sight).  If the target moves behind an obstacle the missile will impact the obstacle instead of the target.  If the target evades the missile the missile will attempt to circle around and make another run.
    – Missiles have a limited supply of fuel and will eventually run out and fall from the sky on a ballistic course causing damage on impact with any obstacle/terrain.
    – Missiles can be destroyed while in the air from bullets or fragments/concussion blasts from explosions (caused from explosions, including other missiles).
    – Flares can be launched to divert missiles away from their target (the flare must be within sight of the missiles targeting sensor to be effective).
    – Once the flare has been destroyed or expires, any other missiles that were targeting it will go back to tracking their original target if the original target is within sight of the missiles targeting sensor.
    – Active missile disruptor’s (like the one equipped on the Gator) will cause nearby missiles to veer off course. There is a 10% chance of a missile erroneously locking onto the sender (return to sender).
    General Missile Notes:
       – Prim objects: Missiles are fired to the targeted position on the object you are aiming at and attempt to keep that localized position in its targeting sensor (missiles will attempt to hit the EXACT position you aim at).  Due to SL glitches the targeting system has a fallback mode that will target the centre of the object if the local targeting position becomes invalid.
       – Avatars: Missiles will track the center of the targeted avatar.
       – Sim Terrain: Missiles will attempt to hit the exact position you were aiming at on the ground.
    – If you were not aiming precisely at the target (but still in the buffer zone) the center of that object becomes the targeted position.
    – The lock will be held if you continue to aim at the target, otherwise it will be lost within 5 seconds.
    – It is a good idea to fire missiles slowly to avoid the missile in front from blowing up the missile behind it (the missile launchers are equipped with a short delay to prevent missiles from hitting each other in flight).

V. Dialog Menu
    Click the trucks main body while seated in the driver seat to open the dialog menu. Some options still work for the owner when you are not inside the truck but you have to be standing quite near the vehicle.

    Hatch Control –
        ✚ OpenRamp/CloseRamp – will open/close the rear door
        ✚ CargoScript – will give you the cargo script to add to your own mod objects that you wish to carry in the vehicle.

    Suspension –
        This menu allows you to enable/disable the dynamic suspension when the vehicle is moving (this can help on a laggy sim).

    Camera -
        Allows you to switch camera views while driving the truck. Default sets the camera back to the original factory setting. Fixed is special as it locks the camera location to where your camera is currently facing. This is a great mode to use while attempting to mate with a trailer. The other camera modes should be pretty straightforward. You can also change the most common camera settings via gestures. See the section on gestures below.

    FuelCell -
     ➩ See section (VI. Fuel Cell System)

    Privacy -
        Control who can operate the truck, Public, Group, Owner Only.
    SCS –
        This menu allows you to Enable/Disable/Reset the SCS combat system, control how the impact damage is handled & self-destructing the vehicle.
        ✚ SCS On – Turns on the combat system
        ✚ SCS Off – Turns off the combat system (unless done immediately after rez, there is a 3 min. delay)
        ✚ SCS Reset – Resets the Spyker Combat System control scripts (SCS must be disabled first)
        ✚ Collide Off – Disables collision damage completely.
        ✚ Collide SCS – Enables collision damage for other SCS enabled objects/vehicles.
        ✚ Collide All – Enables collision damage for all objects/vehicles.
        ✚ Self-Destruct – Causes the vehicle to self-destruct after a short delay (owner only).

    Customize –
    This menu allows you to customize the look of your vehicle. These settings are persistent and will remain as you set them the next time you rez the vehicle (you must save the vehicle to your inventory first course).
        ✚ SlatArmorOn/SlatArmorOff – show or hide the side armour slats
        ✚ TextOn/TextOff – turn the driving display text (above the engine) on or off
        ✚ CanvasOn/CanvasOff – show or hide the canvas cover over the cargo compartment on the top rear of the vehicle
        ✚ Color Set - enters colour set menu, select which texture set you want the truck to use.
            ╍ Green/Tan, Blue/Gray or Red/Tan – are texture presets ready for use. Clicking on one of these will instantly reconfigure your vehicle's paint job to one of the standard three themes.
            ╍ Custom – Is a blank set of simplified textures you can use to tint in SL or export the textures out and add decals etc. (All main textures are full perms). You may export any of the four included texture sets for modification in a external paint program.
example: ��

    User Guide – Takes you to the Website support page for the online help documentation.

    Engine –
        ✚ Start/Stop Engine. This will turn on or off the tanks engine. This can also be done by gestures. Stopping the engine will also allow you to realign your cockpit view.

    Controls -
        allows you to switch between the Advanced or Basic driving control modes (See Controls section)
        ControlHelp will say all the controls in local chat.
        If you find yourself stuck on a hill, rapidly switch between low/high gears.  Switch to low gear if you need a tighter turning radius.

    Lights -
        ✚ R Light On/R Light Off - turns on or off the right side spotlight
        ✚ L Light On/L Light Off - turns on or off the left side spotlight
        ✚ All On/Off - turns on or off all lights on the vehicle
        ✚ Int Light On/Int Light Off - turns on or off the interior light
        ✚ Lights On/Lights Off - turns on or off the head & taillights (can also be triggered via the gestures)

VI. Fuel Cell System
   The all new fuel cell system will be used on ALL SCS vehicles from now on. This new line of SCS compatible combat vehicles is all electric powered by advanced Lipo cells. They use a realistic battery drain rate and slowly (or quickly, depending on your fuel cell settings) discharge and eventually have to be recharged! There are 3 ways to do this, Steal power from another vehicle, find a new Fuel Cell from a crate, or from a recharge station.

   What the vehicle is doing effects the battery drain heavily and realistically. From a dead stop to full speed the amp drain is high to overcome inertia, slowly stepping through speeds will save power when needed. Going up hill will use up a lot more power and going down hill will actually recharge your cells a bit. Switching into low gear will greatly reduce the load on the motors and using overdrive will greatly increase the strain on the fuel cells.
   From the dialog option you can set how the batteries are effected by your activities and the amp drain rate.
    FuelCell - (dialog menu option)
    ✚ Balance Cells - allows you to distribute remaining power between all cells
    ✚ FuelCellHelp - gives you brief help on dealing with power cells
    ✚  Realistic - 1-3 hours
    ✚  Normal - 30-60 minutes
    ✚  Fast - 20-30 minutes (this is a great option for everyday use or multi-sim battles)
    ✚  SuperFast - 5-10 minutes (this is a great option for close quarter battles)
    ✚  LockTrunk - only the vehicle owner can open the fuel cell protective covers.
    ✚  UnlockTruck - anyone can open the fuel cell protective covers, equalize the cells, recharge a cell or drain power from a cell to a portable fuel cell (carried by an avatar).

To recharge a fuel cell:
    To refill one of the vehicle's fuel cells you will need to be wearing a portable Fuel Cell on your avatar (right-click on the fuel cell in inventory, and select ‘wear’  or ‘Use’). Stand close to the fuel cell you wish to recharge (make sure the fuel cell hatch is open) and click it. You should then see the power in your handheld fuel-cell drain as the vehicle cell charges. The cells have a visual percentage of power remaining on them.

To steal (drain) a fuel cell:
    To take power from a vehicles fuel cell you will need to be wearing a portable fuel cell on your avatar (right-click on the fuel cell in inventory, and select ‘wear’  or ‘Use’). Stand close to the fuel cell you wish to discharge (make sure the fuel cell hatch is open) and click it for approximately half a second. You should then see the power in your handheld fuel-cell fill as the vehicle cell discharges. The cells have a visual percentage of power remaining on them. If the vehicle makes a ‘Kaglooom’ type noise you've held it too long. It may take a few attempts to get the hang of it. But eventually you will see your handheld fuel-cell fill.

To equalize all Fuel Cells in the vehicle:
    To equalize all of the fuel cells in your vehicle simply click and hold any of the cells for approximately one second. You will then hear the ‘Kaglooom’ sound & see the power over all cells distributed evenly.  Note, you must be standing next to the fuel cells.  You can use the Balance Cells button in the fuel cell menu to do this action while seated.

Note: a vehicle will not operate unless all cells have power. If you have a power failure, try equalizing the cells.

VII. Extras
    ╍ The new SCS equipped vehicles have all been equipped with targeting lock sensors.  This defence system will report (with a beeping sound) if a targeting system is attempting to lock on to the vehicle.  The system also has missile launch detection (with a urgent beeping alarm) that signifies that an incoming missile is imminent.  If you hear the urgent warning beep, fire one or more flares in an attempt to confuse the missile(s).  Timing of the flare is crucial.  If the missile is too far away the flare could expire and the missile could reacquire your vehicle.  If you fire the flare too soon your vehicle may take damage from the exploding missile.  Also be aware that you only have a limited supply of flares (they can be replenished at a defensive supply crate).
    ╍ When the vehicle takes damage the floating text colour phases are 90%/yellow, 75%/orange, 20%/red w/speed reduction
    ╍ When Overdrive is active, vehicle speed & any turret rotations are increased by approximately 50% with a large battery drain penalty
    ╍ If you have a hard time getting up hills Tap C/Page Down to switch to low or high gear
    ╍ If you find yourself stuck on a hill, rapidly switch between low/high gears.

See below under Configuration Notecard Options for making changes to the vehicle’s configuration notecard.


VIII. SCS Related Controls
    Read the main SCS config note card inside the vehicle for more details
    While sitting in the vehicle type any of the following in local chat:
    ╍ SCS ON - "scs combat on", "scs on", "combat on"
    ╍ SCS OFF - "scs combat off", "scs off", "combat off"
    ╍ SCS RESET - "scs reset", "reload", "scs reload", "scs notecard"
    ╍ STATS - "stats", "scs stats", "scs info"
    ➡ or use the dialog menu from the vehicle

IX. Configuration Notecard Options:
   The configuration notecard allows you to change many aspects of your vehicle.  See the SCS notecard for the entries common for all vehicles.  Listed here are the entries specific to this vehicle type.  Please note, changing some of these entries could be considered cheating in competitions so be sure to decide on a general set of rules for your engagement.
    ✚ By default the power cell hatch(s) is set to Owner Only on rez. You can change this default behaviour by changing the following notecard line;
   Trunk;(Custom trunks starting value, TRUE = locked, FALSE = unlocked);TRUE
Changing this to FALSE will allow the vehicle to rez with the hatch unlocked. This is critical for group-based team play.

    ✚ By default the number of fire extinguisher charges is 3.  However, some believe that this is better reserved as a one time emergency use item.  This notecard line allows you to set the number of charges you get from your fire extinguisher.
   Fire Extinguisher;(How many uses the vehicle will start with);3
    ✚ By default the small ammunition resupply box starts with 750 units.  This can be changed to whatever you wish.  You can also change how long it takes for the rearmament to occur.  It is recommended that you do not modify the “PileFace” or the “TextAlpha” values.
   BoxResupply;(Custom property for "Ammo Box", how many bullets it starts with);750
   BoxTime;(Time each reload takes);10
   PileFace;(Number of faces on stock piles);7
   TextAlpha;(How clear the text is);0.75
    ✚ By default the turret mounted armaments is a Heavy Machine Gun in the left slot & a Missile Launcher in the right slot.  You can change the following lines to have the vehicle rez with the desired weapons.
   L_Turret_Gun;(0 = Heavy Machine Gun, 1 = Grenade Launcher, 2 = LT Cannon, 3 = Missile Launcher);0
   R_Turret_Gun;(0 = Heavy Machine Gun, 1 = Grenade Launcher, 2 = LT Cannon, 3 = Missile Launcher);3


X. SDK Notes:
   Due to the evolving nature of the SCS 3.x system the SDK is not yet available.  Any inquiries regarding the SDK or help with non-documented features/configurations should be directed to Moo Spyker.  The SDK is scheduled to be released once all of the ground equipment is finalized.


 ☠ Please report any and all bugs right away to Moo Spyker!!! ☠
    ➜ Seriously people, I almost never get bug reports until I receive a IM "Hey why hasn't that bug been fixed?" because no one tells me about them!


Change Log:
   This lists all of the changes for each version released. This should allow you to make any necessary changes to your existing customized set up.

Version 1.0:
• Initial Release

Version 1.1:
• Added SCS 3.3
    • Adjusted SCS bullet code to work with THE AV METER WOO!!
• Added another face for all bullets effects (Looks a lot better)
• Health packs now work to heal AV's
• Replaced interior health packs with Armor Packs (For AV Meter)
Anti-Lag Features (occurs under 35 sim FPS or 0.75 time dilation)
    • Suspension disabled
    • Wheel/Track animation timer event is lowered
    • All bullet shell casing wont rez

Version 1.2:
• Added SCS 3.35 (Only vehicles with weapons got this update)
    • You no longer have to wait before you jump in the vehicle on rez (fixed kill tracking errors)
    • Bullets have mod permissions again
    • Fixed major bullet damage code (Should be faster now)

Version 1.3:
• New Cargo Follow script update to work with Moo's new Untitled New Ship
• Added support for Samantha Glume's 3rd Party Skin Texture interface (Check it out under Customize > Color Set > 3rd Party)

Version 1.4:
• Added complete traction system
    • Wheels now spin based on engine RPM, not velocity
    • Spin your tires going up hills
    • Skid to a stop/down hills
    • Also features all new wheel sounds (in the trailers to)
• Added normal and spec maps to ALL wheels & tracks
• Added new "Behind" camera view to all vehicles
• Improved all vehicles brakes
• Updated all help dialogs to be said directly to user, not in local
• High/Low gear now effects engine sound, added another higher RPM sound to all vehicles
• Smoothed out all wheel texture animations at low speeds
• Fixed small light menu bug
• Fixed particles coming on while in mid-air
• Re-Added support for Samantha Glume's 3rd Party Skin Texture interface (Check it out under Customize > Paint Jobs > 3rd Party)

Version 1.45:
• Minor New Features -
    - New textures on Fuel Cells(Normals, Specular, Gloss maps).
    - New rearranged driving text shows battery %.
    - Added light emitted by shooting smoke/flares and scs fires.
    - All SCS text is now synced up to Text dialog options, you can turn it all off now.
• Fixed Bugs / Tweaks -
    - Removed "3rd Party" from color menu, Samantha Glume will be discontinuing her 3rd party skin's shortly.
    - Adjusted "off ground" detection height, better driving performance now.
    - Increased restitution, less bouncy while driving.
    - Increased underwater performance from 10% to 25% (Possible to get out of water now in shallow areas).
    - Adjusted differential wheel values.
    - Fixed bug if you steered before engine start you wouldn't turn.
    - Throttle and controls are now turned off on flipping over (Must flip back over to resume control).
    - Decreased driving particle intensity.
    - Reworked dialog menus.
    - Minor additions to main SCS scripts.
• Specific to vehicles
    - Reworked Guns.
        - Added another effect face for muzzle flashes.
        - Added smoke particles on all the barrels!
        - Slowed down shell ejection effects to reduce lag.
        - Machine gun's shoot a lot faster.
        - Recoil code changed to make it smoother. (Gun's will continue to move even while recoiling now!)
        - Tweaked ammo counts
        - Made machine gun bullet chain disappear on empty on Sabre and Grizzlor.