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SCS Trailers Operations Manual

SCS Trailers Operations Manual
                      SCS Trailers Operations Manual
                   Designed & Created by Moo Spyker

SCS ENABLED Spyker Combat System


Designed, Built, Textured and Scripted by: Moo Spyker
Lead Beta-tester: Samantha Glume
Additional Scripting by:
    Arton Rotaru - Track/wheel animation code
    Belshazaroth Fargis - Insane rotation math & other code functions
Documentation by: Samantha Glume

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   Thank you for your purchase of the Grizzlor line of heavy-duty off-road combat capable support vehicle accessories. This line of vehicle trailers was designed from the virtual ground up to be a fully featured transport trailer for all of your large object transportation needs. Whether driving down a shady country road, eight lane interstate highway, a battle ravaged landscape or quietly rusting away in a farmer's field, this heavy hauler accessory will get your items where they are needed most!

   "This vehicle has been in the works for 3 weeks and is an integral part of our new product line. Mesh has really opened up a galaxy of new possibilities in SL. This is by far one of the best creations I have ever made and there will be lots more to come!" -- Moo


Ⅰ.    Feature List
Ⅱ.   Technical Details
Ⅲ.   Getting Started
IⅤ.  Dialog Menu
V.   Fuel Cell System
VI.  SCS Controls


I. Feature List
        ✚ Next-gen SL mesh vehicle accessory
        ✚ All new SCS scripting technology, extremely high texture quality, multi-sound phasing, and so much more…
        ✚ some trailer models include an emergency backup battery
        ✚ connect/disconnect trailer via the truck cab
        ✚ Advanced Damage/Collision Detection System
            ╍ Sub health system, pieces break off where you actually shoot
            ╍ Each piece that can break off has its own internal health score
            ╍ vehicles take damage for crashing into each other or other objects
            ╍ Includes fire suppression system to save a burning vehicle from certain destruction
        ✚ All new cinematic destruction sequence
            ╍ Area affect splash damage
            ╍ Any remaining break off pieces blow off during the death sequence
        ✚ Fuel cell system (set fuel usage rate, steal fuel, recharge etc.)
        ✚ Advanced Trailer hitch system (4 trailer styles to choose from and counting)
        ✚ Clickable hatches, doors, flaps. Great for RP! (some models only)
        ✚ Lights! Taillights!
        ✚ The object is MOD! Make your modifications
        ✚ 4 FULL PERM texture sets (download and create your own textures in your favourite paint program)

II. Technical Details
☍ See our website for technical details on the SCS system:     http://spykerenterprise.webs.com/scstechnical.htm

III. Getting Started
    Drag one of the versions (depending on the pack purchased) of your new trailer from your inventory to a land parcel that allows object rezzing. Click the main body of the trailer to open up the dialog main menu and from here you can control a lot of the features (See Dialogue Menu section below).

IV. Dialog Menu
    Click the trailer's main body while near the centre of the trailer to open the dialog menu.
    Color Set -
        Select which texture set you want the trailer to use.
            ✚ Green/Tan, Blue/Gray or Red/Tan – are texture presets ready for use. Clicking on one of these will instantly reconfigure your vehicle's paint job to one of the standard three themes.
            ✚ Custom – Is a blank set of simplified textures you can use to tint in SL or export the textures out and add decals etc. (All main textures are full perms). You may export any of the four included texture sets for modification in a external paint program.
example: ��

    Privacy -
        Control who can operate the Trailer, Public, Group, Owner Only. When in Group or Owner mode you must first click the Trailer and then sit when the floating text says accepted.

    Lights -
        On/Off lights. If a trailer is attached it also turns the trailers lights on or off.

    Customize –
    This menu allows you to customize the look of your Trailer. These settings are persistent and will remain as you set them the next time you rez the Trailer (you must save the Trailer to your inventory first course).
        ✚ Mudflap On/Mudflap Off – show or hide the mudflaps over the wheels

    SCS –
        This menu allows you to Enable (SCS On), Disable (SCS Off) or Reset (SCS Reset) the Spyker Combat System control scripts.

    FuelCell -
     ➩ See section (VII. Fuel Cell System)
     User Guide – Takes you to the Website support page for the online help documentation

V. Fuel Cell System
   The all new fuel cell system will be used on ALL SCS vehicles from now on. This new line of SCS compatible combat vehicles is all electric powered by advanced Lipo cells. They use a realistic battery drain rate and slowly (or quickly, depending on your fuel cell settings) discharge and eventually have to be recharged! There are 3 ways to do this, Steal power from another vehicle, find a new Fuel Cell from a crate, or from a recharge station.

What the vehicle is doing effects the battery drain heavily and realistically. From a dead stop to full speed the amp drain is high to overcome inertia, slowly stepping through speeds will save power when needed. Going up hill will use up a lot more power and going down hill will actually recharge your cells a bit. Switching into low gear will greatly reduce the load on the motors and using overdrive will greatly increase the strain on the fuel cells.
    From the dialog option you can set how the batteries are effected by your activities and the amp drain rate.
    FuelCell - (dialog menu option)
    ✚  Realistic - 1-3 hours
    ✚  Normal - 30-60 minutes
    ✚  Fast - 20-30 minutes (this is a great option for everyday use or multi-sim battles)
    ✚  SuperFast - 5-10 minutes (this is a great option for close quarter battles)
    ✚  LockTrunk - only the vehicle owner can open the fuel cell protective covers.
    ✚  UnlockTruck -anyone can open the fuel cell protective covers, equalize the cells, recharge a cell or drain power from a cell to a portable fuel cell (carried by an avatar).

To recharge a fuel cell:
    To refill one of the vehicle's fuel cells you will need to be wearing a portable Fuel Cell on your avatar (right-click on the fuel cell in inventory, and select ‘wear’  or ‘Use’). Stand close to the fuel cell you wish to recharge (make sure the fuel cell hatch is open) and click it. You should then see the power in your handheld fuel-cell drain as the vehicle cell charges. The cells have a visual percentage of power remaining on them.

To steal (drain) a fuel cell:
    To take power from a vehicles fuel cell you will need to be wearing a portable fuel cell on your avatar (right-click on the fuel cell in inventory, and select ‘wear’  or ‘Use’). Stand close to the fuel cell you wish to discharge (make sure the fuel cell hatch is open) and click it for approximately half a second. You should then see the power in your handheld fuel-cell fill as the vehicle cell discharges. The cells have a visual percentage of power remaining on them. If the vehicle makes a ‘Kaglooom’ type noise you've held it too long. It may take a few attempts to get the hang of it. But eventually you will see your handheld fuel-cell fill.

To equalize all Fuel Cells in the vehicle:
    To equalize all of the fuel cells in your vehicle simply click and hold any of the cells for approximately one second. You will then hear the ‘Kaglooom’ sound & see the power over all cells distributed evenly.

Note: a vehicle will not operate unless all cells have power. If you have a power failure, try equalizing the cells.


VI. SCS Controls
    Read the main SCS config note card inside the vehicle for more details
    While sitting in the vehicle type any of the following in local chat:
    ╍ SCS ON - "scs combat on", "scs on", "combat on"
    ╍ SCS OFF - "scs combat off", "scs off", "combat off"
    ╍ SCS RESET - "scs reset", "reload", "scs reload", "scs notecard"
    ╍ STATS - "stats", "scs stats", "scs info"
    ➡ or use the dialog menu from the Trailer

 ☠ Please report any and all bugs right away to Moo Spyker!!! ☠
    ➜ Seriously people, I almost never get bug reports until I receive a IM "Hey why hasn't that bug been fixed?" because no one tells me about them!

Change Log:
╍ This lists all of the changes for each version released. This should allow you to make any necessary changes to your existing customized set up.

Version 1.0:
• Initial Release

Version 1.1:
• Corrected small issues with this manual after Initial Release
• Fixed the "could not find" errors on the Container Trailer for explosion effects
• Fixed weight to be more scaled

Version 1.2:
• Adjusted the scale of the vehicle to be 25.0% smaller than before (For lower prims while physical and everything was just to larger in general)
• Added SCS 3.0 "Welcome to SCS 3.0" NoteCard to the package

Version 1.3:
• SCS 3.1 update (see notecard)
• Re-ordered main menu (standard now withall vehicles)
• Added updated "Cargo FollowScript:v1.5"
• Fixed trailers sliding when sideways on hills
• Made the "Heavy Vehicle"trailer wider and longer to fit the Sabre easier.
• Fixed up trailer death models. (Container now rezzes full container on death)
• Tweaked suspension to avoid self detection
• Fixed sound errors
• Now includes Large and Small empty SCS boxes

Version 1.4:
• Added SCS 3.2
    - New death scene (All break-able pieces will blow off on death now, and randomly while on fire)
    - New self-destruct sequence
    - Added changes to support new supply box changes. (See Supply Pack notecard)
    - New code and flares to support MISSILES! (Raptor)
• Fixed problem where vehicles got "stuck" and could not move while on the trailers.

Version 1.5:
• Added SCS 3.3
    • Adjusted SCS bullet code to work with THE AV METER WOO!!
Anti-Lag Features (occurs under 35 sim FPS or 0.75 time dilation)
    • Suspension disabled
    • Wheel/Track animation timer event is lowered
    • All bullet shell casing wont rez
Version 1.6:
• New Cargo Follow script update to work with Moo's new Untitled New Ship
• Added support for Samantha Glume's 3rd Party Skin Texture interface (Check it out under Customize > Color Set > 3rd Party)
• Trailers connected to the Grizzlor or Grizzler will now automatically match their current texture color scheme.

Version 1.7:
• Added complete traction system
    • Wheels now spin based on engine RPM, not velocity
    • Spin your tires going up hills
    • Skid to a stop/down hills
    • Also features all new wheel sounds (in the trailers to)
• Added normal and spec maps to ALL wheels & tracks
• Smoothed out all wheel texture animations at low speeds
• Fixed particles coming on while in mid-air
• Re-Added support for Samantha Glume's 3rd Party Skin Texture interface (Check it out under Customize > Paint Jobs > 3rd Party)
• Added 3 function buttons in the dialog for the trailers
    • Use the function buttons to control different things on each trailer such as the ramps or doors, or more in the future
• Made trailers effect semi trucks torque settings, this improves handling GREATLY while pulling or pushing trailers
Version 1.75:
• Minor New Features -
    - New textures on Fuel Cells(Normals, Specular, Gloss maps).
    - All SCS text is now synced up to Text dialog options, you can turn it all off now.
• Fixed Bugs / Tweaks -
    - Removed "3rd Party" from color menu, Samantha Glume will be discontinuing her 3rd party skin's shortly.
    - Adjusted "off ground" detection height, better driving performance now.
    - Increased restitution, less bouncy while driving.
    - Adjusted differential wheel values.
    - Reworked dialog menus.
    - Minor additions to main SCS scripts.
• Specific to vehicles
    - Upped click distance on semi trailers.