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I have just added the Gekko into a game called Spin Tires, you can download the mod below. To use it in the game please download the "Dev Version" here:

Spin Tires Game

Gekko Spin Tires Mod


Texture assets you can edit and upload in Second Life and apply to your vehicles. You can now even SELL them for FREE at Moo's shop! Visit Spyker Enterprise in world for more information.

Download files below. Photoshop PSD files also included with layer information!

Mule Textures

Moose & Elk & Bulldog Textures

Scorpion & Sabre Textures v2

Rattler ATV Textures

Cobra MAC Textures

LAZE Textures

Small Trailer Textures

Supply Box Textures

All 3 Gekko Textures

Gator MCU Textures

Raptor GAC Textures

Semi Truck Textures

LR-Lancer Textures

AR-10 Assault Rifle Textures

NP-20 Pistol Textures

SPK-Knife Textures

*The Sabre Tank Textures don't include PSD files due to a screw up


Papercraft models

Sabre Tank Paper Model v1.1

Grizzlor Paper Model v1.0