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New Product Release! SCS Mule Heavy Lift Vehicle

Now out for sale is the all new Mule Heavy Lift Vehicle forklift, as well as a modular kit of Storage Racks!

Mule HLV - L$2400 - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SCS-Mule-HLV/6677800

Storage Racks - L$750 - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SCS-Storage-Racks/6677831




New Product Release! SCS Elk Crane Truck & Bulldog Crane!

Just released is the long awaited SCS Elk Crane Recovery Truck and the SCS Bulldog Medium Load Crane!

SCS Crane Recovery Truck: L$4000

This vehicle is your salvage and recovery vehicle. Capable of recovering lost cargo, righting overturned vehicles, and even lifting them into it's bed for transport from the field, this vehicle is the essential workhorse of salvage and cleanup efforts after a battle, or any other military action. Along with it's workshop, it can recover or repair, any stranded or crippled vehicle encountered in the field!

SCS Bulldog Medium Load Crane: L$2400

The Bulldog Medium Load Crane is a rail-mounted, transitioning, low-reach, medium-load, extending boom crane. It's small, compact size belies the strength of it's powerful hydraulics, allowing it to lift loads other cranes it's size typically could not. The rail mounting allows it to transition across a work area, increasing it's reach along the traverse of the track. The Bulldog is the perfect solution for vehicle depots, freight yards, docks, or any place that needs a fast-working, efficient crane for handling crated cargo or vehicles.


The Gekko is now a mod in Spin Tires DEMO! (OUTDATED)

This still works but it is OUTDATED because the FULL Spin Tires game is now out for sale! I will be making a new mod for the final release soon, stay tuned!

Where to get and how to install:

1. Install the Dev Version of Spin Tires here

2. Download the Gekko Spin Tires mod here or here

3. How to install mods

Also to make the mod work in Spin Tires, make sure to extract it into the subfolder structure like

"Main Spin Tires Folder > Trucks > Gekko > classes, sounds, texture folders"